Sixty-four year old in court over three mangoes while Bond Scammers roam free

Sixty-four year old in court over three mangoes while Bond Scammers roam free

Written by Lahiru Fernando

17 Oct, 2017 | 10:28 pm

Lalitha Ananda (64) lives by herself in Saliya Pura, Anuradhapura. Her husband and only son left her and she has lived on her own since.

She has no form of income. Eventually driven through hunger, she decided to pluck three mangoes from her neighbor’s garden.

Lalitha was arrested by Police after the neighbour lodged a complaint.

She said she returned from the Anuradhapura Police at 6 a.m, and was asked to return to the Police station at 9 a.m.

“I said I plucked just three mangoes and that I admit the mistake. The complainant wanted to file a court case and a case was filed saying I had stolen 19 mangoes”, Lalitha Ananda said.

She was kept at the station since 10 a.m, until taken to court the next day.

Basic human necessities were denied to 64-year-old Lalitha as she was not even allowed to use the washroom. She was not even provided with a female Police Officer.

“I was put into the cell and the gate was closed at night.”

Lalitha Ananda was released on bail after being produced before court.

In the recent past, a child was punished in a similar fashion for picking up two coconuts…

The law is strictly implemented for stealing coconuts and mangoes out of hunger.

Why isn’t the law being implemented against those who swindle billions from public funds through the Central Bank bond scam?

“I was taken to court for these three mangoes while banks are being broken into and drugs are being sold”, she said.

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