ICTA to work on a new National Payment Platform under guidance from CBSL

ICTA to work on a new National Payment Platform under guidance from CBSL

Written by Lahiru Fernando

13 Sep, 2017 | 10:42 pm

Remember ICTA’s National Payment Platform project? The one which failed?

It’s making a comeback into the limelight. The difference? The Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure is playing ‘mediator’ between ICTA and the Central Bank.

The Ministry’s Secretary told News 1st that the CBSL has sent several letters calling on the Ministry to implement a new National Payment Platform.

According the Secretary Wasantha Deshapriya, that they are currently in discussions with the ICTA in order to ensure that plans for the National Payment platform are inline with the requirements of the Central Bank.

He also noted that the ministry is working towards aligning the NPP with the existing payment and settlement systems act of the Central bank.

The previous attempts made by the ICTA to create a National Payment Platform devoid of the Central Bank’s oversight were brought to an end in August 2017.

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