Presidential Commission of Inquiry: Missing telephone conversation recordings raises questions and concerns

Presidential Commission of Inquiry: Missing telephone conversation recordings raises questions and concerns

Written by Keshala Dias

25 Aug, 2017 | 7:59 pm

Missing telephone conversation recordings at Perpetual Treasuries Limited raised more questions at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry, today, August 25.

Perpetual Treasuries Limited made its very first treasury bond sale to the Employees Provident Fund after the auction dated February 27, 2015, on June 5  2015.

The CEO of Perpetual Treasuries Limited, Kasun Palisena, stated to the Commission that the sale was not direct but was done through a broker.Upon further questioning, Palisena said he would have negotiated the deal with the dealer at the Employees Provident Fund and then would have negotiated with the broker.

Kasun Palisena said a broker was used to speed up the documentation process.

These answers prompted the Attorney General’s Department to play the telephone conversation recordings provided by Perpetual Treasuries Limited – which led to a startling revelation.

Perpetual Treasuries Limited had provided a series of conversations for June 05, 2015 in numerical order, along with many others.

It was revealed that four conversations of this particular series are missing in the CD provided to the Commission.

The AG’s Department said they cannot find the telephone conversation recording for the deal confirmation of the bond sales to the Employees Provident Fund.

Providing an affidavit to the Commission earlier, Kasun Palisena said Perpetual Treasuries Limited, provided all the voice recordings requested. However missing recordings contradict that.

Palisena stated under oath that he did not tamper with the system.

Another phone recording dated December 2, 2015 played at the Commission revealed Kasun Palisena informing his IT person that some of the outgoing numbers are not indicated in the system.

Deputy Solicitor General, Milinda Gunathilaka, said it was clear from the conversation that Caller-IDs were recorded before December 2015 at Perpetual Treasuries Limited.

An email sent by Sachith Devapathirana, the IT person at Perpetual Treasuries Limited ,also revealed that the caller and the call number were identifiable in the system.

The AG’s Department claimed that Kasun Palisena’s affidavit is false.

The system at Perpetual Treasuries Limited is an ‘Xtend Voice Logger’ with sixteen ports purchased for Rs. 466,200/-.

The handing over of communication devices of the former Governor of the Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran and Kasun Palisena, to the CID took place as well.

The devices were placed in sealed containers with the Secretary of the Commission and were given to the CID for the process to extracting data in the presence of an Attorney appearing for Mahendran and Palisena.

The data extraction from Kasun Palisena’s laptop will take place tomorrow morning, while extraction from Mahendran’s devices will take place on Wednesday.

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