“Is this their childhood? Is this even a life?” – Anura Kumara on SL’s education system

“Is this their childhood? Is this even a life?” – Anura Kumara on SL’s education system

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20 Aug, 2017 | 10:07 pm

The current ‘competitive’ education system has created a catastrophe for parents and students alike, says JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

“What basis is education decided on today? Money.” he said.

This is the breakdown given by the JVP Leader…

An Advanced Level student has to pay two thousand rupees for seminars, twelve thousand rupees for three seminars in a class with three-thousand students each.

“Where in the world do they teach 3,000 students at once?”

“One thousand on the first floor, one thousand on the second floor and one thousand on the third floor. The teacher is on the second floor and there are screens on the first and third floors. Have you seen a teacher who teaches this way anywhere else in the world?” he questioned.

European countries have no more than 20 children per classroom, said Anura Kumara.

‘Smaller group classes’

According to the JVP leader, even the teachers admit that smaller group classes are ‘more productive for learning’.

But at what cost? – Rs. 5,000 per class in a class with 300 students.

With students having to go to school and then for six tuition classes, the JVP leader questioned the following….

  • Can he/she do this alone?
  • Do the students have a life?
  • Can the children step outside and play?
  • Can they associate with their friends?
  • Can they build any social relationships?

This is their childhood? Is this even a life?

“The child comes home at 10 in the night and has to do homework from school. They cannot have a proper bath they do not get proper sleep. Isn’t this a catastrophe?” questioned Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

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