SriLankan Airlines’ cabin crew members avert disaster

SriLankan Airlines’ cabin crew members avert disaster

By Keshala Dias

31 Jul, 2017 | 4:48 pm

A major disaster was averted yesterday, on SriLankan Airlines’ flight UL 166 due to the immediate action of alert by members of the airlines cabin crew.

The incident was reported when the flight was en route to Colombo from Kochi, India. It is believed to have been caused by the ignition of a lithium battery pack or mobile phone despite SriLankan Airlines having already banned phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The crew had noticed smoke from one of the hand luggage and had swiftly taken action.

Rapidly arming themselves with fire extinguishers, the crew opened the overhead luggage bin. Upon finding a bag emitting smoke, they carried it away quickly from the passengers to the aft galley where they sprayed it with an extinguisher.

Immediately suspecting a lithium fire, they adopted the lithium fire extinguishing procedure by immersing the bag in a container of water. The situation was successfully contained and the bag ceased to emit smoke.

Upon investigation, the crew found a lithium battery pack and two mobile phones in the bag. SriLankan Airlines has launched an investigation into the incident and informed the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.