What does the future hold for the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat?

What does the future hold for the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat?

Written by Staff Writer

10 Jul, 2017 | 9:16 pm

The Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat was established by the present government in line with their aim to crack down on fraud and corruption.It has been ten days since the work on the Committee Secretariat came to a standstill.

This Secretariat which began on February 19, 2015 under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Secretary, carried out its activities until June 30.

When it was first established, the Secretariat had a tenure of six months, it was renewed on multiple occasions.The tenure of this Secretariat provides the first example of how the government planned to crack down on fraud and corruption.

On July 02, Action TV reported that the officials attached to the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat had been inconvenienced as they had not been given a clean plan on the how they should proceed as the tenure of the Secretariat concluded.

Of the resources allocated to the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat, the Prime Minister’s office has so far reclaimed only five vehicles. During our previous report we emphasised that the government’s official stance on this Secretariat should be made public.

According to statements expressed on July 05 by the cabinet media spokesperson, it can be assumed that a decision on whether or not the tenure of the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat would be taken during tomorrow’s cabinet meeting.

If the tenure is extended, the first investigation that should be launched is into the expenses of the Secretariat.

According to the cabinet spokesperson, the Secretariat has been allocated a sum of 13.2 million for its expenses for a period of six months. He also noted that the Secretariat has a monthly expenditure of 12 million.

The funds allocated for this Secretariat originate from the PM’s office, so investigations should be launched into which office or which unit used up all this money.

If the cabinet spokesperson’s figures are accurate, the tax payers have spend a sum of Rs. 336 million over the past 28 months, proving that cracking down on fraud is an expensive task.

The state will have to bear further expenses when prosecuting culprits of such crimes so steps should be taken to recover the government expenses from the individuals responsible.

What will the future hold for the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat?

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