Turmoil in the Northern Provincial Council? Steps taken to remove four members

Turmoil in the Northern Provincial Council? Steps taken to remove four members

By Bella Dalima

15 Jun, 2017 | 11:46 pm

A conflict is brewing in the Northern Provincial Council following the decision taken by the Chief Minister to take steps against four members of the council, accused of corruption.

On Wednesday, June 14, the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C. V. Vigneswaran requested Provincial Minster of Education of the Northern Province T. Kurukalarasa, Provincial Minister of Agriculture P. Aingaranesan to resign from their positions following an investigation into allegations of corruption levelled against them.

The minister called on the two provincial ministers to resign after reviewing a report by a investigative committee appointed by him and called on two more members to go on compulsory leave.

The Northern Provincial Council which has 38 seats represented the districts of Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi.

The ruling party of the North Provincial Council occupies 30 seats, with the ITAK holding 15 seats, the EPRLF holding five seats, TELO holding six seats, PLOT holding three seats and the Good Governance Front holding one seat.

The opposition consists of the UPFA which holds three seats, the SLMC which holds two seats, the EPDP which holds two seats and the All Island People Congress which holds a single seat.

Twenty one of these members handed over a petition to Governor of the Northern Province Reginold Cooray last night calling for the removal of C. V. Vigneswaran from the post of Chief Minister.

Twelve out of the fifteen ITAK members who hold seats in the Northern Provincial Council had signed the petition which was handed over to Reginald Cooray last night.

A group of Northern Provincial Councillors and local politicians who support the Chief Minister met at the residence of the Chief Minister in Jaffna today.

P. Aingaranesan, who was asked to resign from his post as the Provincial Minister of Agriculture, was also present at the occasion.

A group also marched from the Northern Provincial Council to the residence of the Chief Minister in support of the Chief Minister.

Issuing a media release, the students organisation of the Jaffna University thanked the Chief Minister for taking action against corrupt politicians.

They also condemned the efforts undertaken to replace the Chief Minister, who they say, acted fearlessly.

The TULF, the TNPF or Tamil National People’s Front as well as a number of civil society organisations have expressed their support to Chief Minister C. V. Vigneswaran.