Opposition Leader Sampanthan writes to NP Chief Minister Wigneswaran

Opposition Leader Sampanthan writes to NP Chief Minister Wigneswaran

By Lahiru Fernando

18 Jun, 2017 | 10:54 pm

The Northern Provincial Council has been in a crisis situation lately with a motion of no-confidence being presented against C.V Wigneswaran – the Northern Province Chief Minister.

As the turmoil in the North continue to worsen, Opposition leader R. Sampanthan has written a letter to Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran.

The letter states the following

  • Opposition leader R Sampanthan cannot provide the certification required by Chief Minister with regard to the situation in the NPC.
  • The two provincial ministers were not found guilty by the investigation committee.
  • The letter questions the actions against the two ministers who were not found guilty.
  • Opposition leader cannot comprehend the fact that chief minister has asked him to certify that the two ministers will not intimidate the complainants till the investigations are over.
  • The certification requested by CM “cannot be provided”.
  • Support will be provided to resolve the matter.
  • The opposition leader says he can advice the ministers to not intervene in the independent legal inquiry.

This situation arose after the chief minister took a decision to take disciplinary action against four provincial ministers in the northern provincial council.