Kalkudah Alcohol Distillery “in violation of president’s vision and national policy”

Kalkudah Alcohol Distillery “in violation of president’s vision and national policy”

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26 Jun, 2017 | 9:10 am

The licence granted to the alcohol distillery in Kalkudah, Batticaloa is in violation of the National Drug Prevention Policies, says the Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention (PTFDP)

According to a report in The Sunday Times newspaper, the Director of the Task Force has requested for a reply from the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance regarding the licence that has been granted.

The paper has quoted the task force director saying “the PTFDP strives to create a country free of drugs and has been able to generate positive changes with the help of the government.”

The director has added that the PTFDP has received a complaint about setting up of a liquor factory in the Kalkudah area.

According to Samantha Kithalawarachchi, the PTFDP director, the ethanol production facility in Kalkudah is in violation of the President’s vision as well as national policy.

“In accordance with the president’s manifesto, a massive programme was laucnehd to save the people from the menance of drugs and alchol. At a time when we are trying to move our warmers away from cultivating tobacco granting approval for such large companies to set up alchol plants and drag the people down once more is in clear violation of the government’s policies.” he added

He made it clear that the PTFDP will take action against the distillery, based on the president’s advice.

We reported on a number of occasions as to how construction activities are being carried out on a 19 acre plot of land for an Alcohol Distillery by W.M Mendis & Co.

The Chairman of W.M Mendis and Co, according to its official website, is Arjun Joseph Aloysius – the son in law of the former CBSL governor Arjuna Mahendran.

Arjuna Mahendran is implicated in the impugned bond scam of the CBSL.

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