US report warns of China’s “military development overseas”

US report warns of China’s “military development overseas”

Written by Staff Writer

07 Jun, 2017 | 8:23 pm

The US Defence Department has released a report stating that it had reason to suspect that China could be eyeing Pakistan as a possible location for a foreign military base.

The Pentagon said the world can expect a more military-minded China to continue expanding its defence outposts outside its borders.

The Pentagon added that it estimated China’s defence spending to be around $180 billion, significantly higher than its officially stated budget of $140 billion.

Beijing built its first overseas military base, in the African nation Djibouti, on the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean.

China has cited anti-piracy missions as the reason behind its construction in Djibouti, which was already home to a large US naval base.

The military expansion ties into a broader Chinese initiative to build a “new Silk Road” of ports, railways and roads to expand trade across an arc of countries through Asia, Africa and Europe.

And countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan welcome it as a path out of poverty. China however, has denied the claims made in the Pentagon report.

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