Today marks World Environment Day – Focus on ‘human activity’

Today marks World Environment Day – Focus on ‘human activity’

Written by Staff Writer

05 Jun, 2017 | 10:21 pm

June 5 is World Environment Day – the largest – most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action.

Sri Lanka has felt the full force of Mother Nature in the past eleven days.

How much of the resulting tragedy and destruction could have been avoided? How much was caused by human activity?

The UN, aware that the protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well being of people’s and economic development, designated 5th June as World Environment Day.

In the long and tortuous evolution of the human race on this planet, a stage has been reached when, through the rapid acceleration of science and technology, man has acquired the power to transform his environment in countless ways and on an unprecedented scale.

It may take decades to alter the course of climate change, but responsible human interaction with the environment now, is a major step forward in protecting both the planet and mankind.

Mother nature can live without mankind, but mankind cannot live without mother nature.

Can a world of a seven billion population really come together to acknowledge and support the protection of the environment?

In Sri Lanka, the man made environmental hazard of  improper waste management, continues  unresolved.

The dumping of garbage collected in Colombo in a 50 acre landfill in Kerawalapitiya, Wattala, has caused numerous issues for residents of surrounding areas.

Incidentally, the Maithri Palanayak election manifesto also deals with waste management including pledges to introduce environmental accountability, environment friendly solid waste management systems and mitigating the harmful effects of dumping waste.

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