Sahana Yathra aid convoys begin aid distribution in five districts

Sahana Yathra aid convoys begin aid distribution in five districts

Written by Bella Dalima

28 May, 2017 | 9:25 pm

“The Peoples Channel” Sirasa – Shakthi – TV 1 Sahana Yathra aid convoys carrying much-needed relief items including dry rations and water, donated by the general public, left to their destinations in the five affected districts.

Our relief teams are in the process of distributing the aid to affected people of several districts at the moment.

“Jana Hada Meheyuma” is a relief effort undertaken by the Capital Maharaja Organisation with the donations of the general public.

In less than 48 hours since torrential monsoon rains wreaked havoc in the western and southern parts of the country, Sri Lankans from all walks of life united to donate much-needed relief aid for affected fellow citizens.

Relief aid consisting of essentials that were collected at three locations were packed with the support of the people and loaded into lorries promptly.

Donations continued to pour in at the Capital Maharaja Organisation’s Head Office at Braybrooke Place, Colombo till early Sunday morning.

The staff of the Capital Maharaja Organisation launched the ‘Sahana Yatra’ following religious observances.

Lorries carrying aid donated by people reached people affected in Matara, Ratnapura, Kalutara, Galle and Colombo districts this afternoon.

The teams moving towards Galle and Matara took the Galle road while teams heading to the affected areas in the Ratnapura and Colombo districts reached their destinations via the high level road.



The teams that headed to Ratnapura district commenced the distribution of aid from Eheliyagoda.

As certain locations were inaccessible, boats had to be used to reach those locations.

The team in the Kalutara district commenced their distribution from Palinda Nuwara.

Meanwhile, the team in Matara split up to four teams and commenced the distribution of aid.




The Sahana Yathra team that reached Galle district first distributed aid to the people of Baddegama.




Distribution of aid in the Ratnapura district is currently underway.

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