Matara – worst affected by severe weather; tri-forces continue relief and rescue effort

Matara – worst affected by severe weather; tri-forces continue relief and rescue effort

Written by Bella Dalima

28 May, 2017 | 7:23 pm

Matara was among the worst-affected districts following the heavy downpours.

While flood waters have begun to recede, this gave a fresh impetus today to the effort to rescue about 500 families who were trapped in Matara, Walpola and Weragama.

Thirty six of the rescued people were admitted to the Matara General Hospital while the rest were transported to a temporary shelter at the Weragampitiya Viharaya.

Meanwhile, the Southern Expressway interchange on the Matara – Akuressa road is still under approximately eight feet of water.



Several parts of the Galle district including Baddegama and Udugama were affected by the heavy rainfall. Flood waters had completely changed the landscape in many parts of Galle on Sunday morning.

Public officials and tri-forces personnel are battling against time to reinforce the bound at the Gin river scheme with sandbags, after a leak sprung last night, threatening to inundate the Baddegama town.

Minister Vajira Abeywardena visited the scene on Sunday morning where a proposal was made to demolish the Baddegama old bridge across the Gin river in order to hasten the receding of the water level.

News1st reported on Saturday, May 27 that  garbage that has collected under the Wakwella bridge on the Galle – Baddegama road, has created a block, causing flood waters to stagnate.

The Sri Lanka Navy Marine Battalion took steps to clear the garbage today.

The Gallandala area in Gamagoda is still under four feet of water.

While the water level of the Gin Ganga is falling gradually, fears persist that the Wakwella Pumping Station located downriver, could be inundated, prompting authorities to remove additional pumps from the station.



While the Kalutara district received far less rainfall than other affected districts, the water levels of rivers in the district are continuing to rise rapidly.

The Sri Lanka Air Force transported boats by air from the Katukurunda base, in order to rescue people trapped by floods in the Kalutara district.

The Magurugaha area in Badureliya was inundated this afternoon as the water level of the Kalu river rose rapidly.

The Mathugama – Colombo road was flooded in Dodangoda for the first time in 20 years, making the road impassable.

Panapitiya in Horana was also inundated on Sunday morning.

Galpana in Kalutara was under about 12 feet of water.

The Navy, Air Force and Police undertook operations to rescue people trapped by the flood water.

Authorities are taking steps to dig a second river-mouth in the district to mitigate the flood situation.

News1st reached parts of Mathugama and Athwalthota which were inaccessible following floods and landslides, today. Eight people are still missing following a landslide in the area.

The displaced are being sheltered at temporary camps in the area.



The Ratnapura district suffered several landslides in addition to flooding.

Flood waters have stagnated in many areas, while our correspondents report that certain areas are under 8-10 feet of water.

Rescue groups including the Disaster Management Centre, tri-forces and police continued the relief and rescue effort today.

Patients at the Kalawana Hospital, which was also inundated, were airlifted to the Ratnapura General Hospital today.



Parts of the Gampaha district were also affected by heavy rainfall.

The imminent threat of flooding in areas around the Kelani river has dissipated at present but areas including Dompe, Mapitigama and Malwana are still inundated.

The Biyagama – Dompe road was submerged this afternoon.








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