IRD officers in trade union action over promotions and ‘seniority’ (Video)

IRD officers in trade union action over promotions and ‘seniority’ (Video)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

16 May, 2017 | 10:15 pm

Last week, May 9 – The Public Services Commission (PSC) made 272 recommendations to be promoted to the position of Deputy Commissioner.

Today, May 16 – A protest was held by a group attached to the Inland Revenue Dept. who said they ‘cannot accept the promotion recommendations issued by the Public Service Commission’.

‘The Inland Revenue Assessment Officers Association conducted the trade union action claiming that the recommendations have been issued ‘disregarding the employee seniority’ even-though a seniority list was submitted by the IRD and Ministry of Finance.

The association charges that the PSC “has not acted in an independent manner”. Its Vice President Senaka Samarasinghe point out that the issue has been acknowledged by the department’s management, commissioner and even opposed by the department’s Director General.

“If this process is implemented, this could lead to the demise of the entire state sector. Unfortunately this attempt is being spearheaded by the Public Services Commission which is said to be independent ..”,  said Senaka Samarasinghe.

However, the Inland Revenue Commissioners Association charges that the trade union action is unfair.

Chairman of the  Inland Revenue Commissioner’s Association Mahinda Gunaweera  said: “..While all the trade unions were working against the new inland revenue bill ,this union supported it. The Commissioner General has also joined this group, we have doubts whether this is an attempt to move the new inland revenue bill forward and to extend the tenure of the commissioner general. This trade union action is not justified. “

News 1st spoke to the IRD Commissioner General, who said that she cannot comment on the matter as it doesn’t come under her purview.

The Public Services Commission too refused to comment on the matter.

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