Action TV: The transfer of accountants that does not add up

Action TV: The transfer of accountants that does not add up

Action TV: The transfer of accountants that does not add up

Written by Staff Writer

13 May, 2017 | 9:30 pm

In a backdrop where the National Audit Bill,which was promised within the first 100 days
of the Yahapalana government, is being delayed day by day,  steps were taken to illegally transfer chartered accountants attached to a number of ministries.

These steps were initiated because they have failed to become tools of politicians.

The Sri Lanka Accountants Service Association, which managed to stop these illegal transfers has informed the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration and Management that efforts are underway once again to illegally transfer a number of chartered accountants.

One such attempt is being made against the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Rural Economy, in addition to this position he also holds the post of Deputy Director of the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat.

Based on a complaint lodged with the Anti Corruption Secretariat, the police FCID sent this letter to the Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Economy with regard to the misuse of fuel during the previous administration.

The names of former minister Arumugam Thondaman and the NLDB have been linked to these complaints.

The NLDB currently comes under the purview of the Ministry of Rural Economy. Approval for the fuel misuse which amounts to Rs 4.5 million has been granted by H. L. Tisera, the former Additional Secretary attached to the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Community Development.

H. L. Tissera who is currently retired, serves as an Adviser to Minister P. Harrison and earns a monthly wage of Rs. 75,000 and also receives a government vehicle with fuel.

Minister P. Harrison who retains the services of an individual who is connected to approving a fuel misappropriation of Rs. 4.5 million, is forcing the transfer of the ministry’s chief accountant stating that he is unfit to hold his position in the Anti Corruption Secretariat as well.

However, another misappropriation linked to fuel is currently taking place and Minister P. Harrison is also linked to this happening.

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