Gramashakthi People’s Movement launched at BMICH

Gramashakthi People’s Movement launched at BMICH

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04 May, 2017 | 10:32 pm

The Gramashakthi People’s Movement, a programme initiated in a bid to fulfill the basic requirements of residents in 15,000 villages by 2020, commenced today, May 04.

The movement was launched at the BMICH in Colombo, where it was emphasised that the aim of the “Gramashakthi People’s Movement” is to build an economically prosperous citizen who is able to fulfill the respective duties and have a clear understanding of rights.

It is planned to establish 5,000 people-governed Gramaseva Divisions by 2020 under the programme.

It has also been proposed to provide funds to the Gramashakthi unit, calculated at Rs. 8,000 for each person as per the total membership of the unit for a period of four years.

President Sirisena, speaking on the subject said:

[quote]”By next month, I intend on visiting every district to assess the progress and commencement of this programme. I expect to strengthen this programme with the collective effort of political leaders and Heads of State institutions at District and Divisional level. There should be rich people in the country, but it is my view that they should not govern the country. It is the middle class who should govern the country. By taking into account the fact that the wealth should flow among the poor and the massive income disparity at present, it is absolutely important that this national movement be successfully taken forward to free the country of poverty and fulfill our future goals within the sustainable development framework”. [/quote]

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