Macron says EU must reform or face ‘Frexit’

Macron says EU must reform or face ‘Frexit’

Macron says EU must reform or face ‘Frexit’

Written by Bella Dalima

01 May, 2017 | 4:34 pm

French presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron has warned the EU must reform or it could face ‘Frexit’.

Macron, an independent who leads his far-right rival Marine Le Pen by around 20 percentage points in the polls, is a pro-EU centrist.

But ahead of Sunday’s head to head in the second and final round of voting in the contest, Macron has warned of the impact of the “dysfunction” of Brussels on France.

“I’m a pro-European, I defended constantly during this election the European idea and European policies because I believe it’s extremely important for French people and for the place of our country in globalisation,” he told the BBC.

“But at the same time we have to face the situation, to listen to our people, and to listen to the fact that they are extremely angry today, impatient and the dysfunction of the EU is no more sustainable. So I do consider that my mandate, the day after, will be at the same time to reform in depth the European Union and our European project.”

Macron’s opponent in the presidential race, Le Pen has promised a referendum on EU membership and has pledged a tough stance on immigration.

She has won support among voters in rural and de-industrialised areas of France, which came out strongly for her in the first round of voting.

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