Kolonnawa DS says measures underway to provide houses to Meethotamulla victims

Kolonnawa DS says measures underway to provide houses to Meethotamulla victims

By Keshala Dias

20 Apr, 2017 | 8:29 pm

The Kolonnawa Divisional Secretary Sugath Sisira Kumara says, the collection of data to provide houses to those who are affected by the Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse has begun.

The tri forces are continuing the search, rescue and relief operations at the site, dividing the area into four different sectors.

The electricity supply to the area is being reconnected. While the Police K9 unit has also been brought in for the rescue operations.

A special transport service to move the belongings of the people living in the high-risk areas to the safe zone has also commenced while an allowance is being provided to the people who move away.

Rsidents continue to arrive very close to the area where rescue operations are being carried out looking for their belongings and inquiring about the people who are still considered missing.

Voice of the people:

[quote]”They said they will provide houses. We were hopeful. We were waiting till the Prime Minister arrived. He arrived with a group and spoke to the people on the other side of the ground. The houses of those people were not destroyed. We saw on the television that he had held discussions there. They are lying”.[/quote]

[quote]”There is nothing that can be done now. No one takes responsibility. They do not even reveal the number of deceased. The main reason was the fact they sprayed a chemical here. It was not the rain. The chemical was the reason for the explosion. If the people saw this with their own eyes and if the Thero is saying it, what more is there to ask? They have sprayed five bowsers”.[/quote]

Newsfirst also visited the Laksanda Housing Complex in Salamulla, Kolonnawa where houses will be provided to those who were affected by the garbage dump collapse.

The Manager of the housing complex told News1st that the eleven storey housing complex includes welfare centres, shops and all the required facilities for the people to come and settle there.

The Manager further stated that the environment there is suitable for living and that there is the ability to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water.

He added that the group who lived within close proximity to the dump are already at the housing complex.

Until the houses are provided to the residents who were affected, they are residing at the Kolonnawa Terrence N De Silva College.

While the District Secretariat has taken steps to provide the people with food, water and other facilities. Several privately owned organisations as well as individuals have come forward to bring in relief for the people who have been affected.