Moves to give National Museum to host public events cause a stir

Moves to give National Museum to host public events cause a stir

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05 Apr, 2017 | 9:44 pm

President Maithripala Sirisena is looking into the matter of the national museum being given for the use of non-governmental organisations or other private events.

There were reports that the premises of the national museum was to be given to host a fashion show.

Focusing his attention on the matter on March 10, the President has informed the Director of National Museums to ensure that a mechanism is in place to prevent non-governmental organisations from hosting promotional campaigns at the museum premises.

It is also learnt that later, the Director has written to the Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs.

The letter reads that the Prime Minister had summoned him to Temple Trees on February 09 and instructed him to provide the museum premises for a fashion show.

At a time when the President has taken a firm decision on such a matter, the Secretary to the Prime Minister issues another directive to the Secretary of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on March 15.

According to this letter, the Prime Minister has appointed a committee to draft a set of guidelines that would see the museum premises being given for government institutions, accepted non-governmental organisations and private institutions.

In addition, the Prime Minister has also prepared another committee to draft a plan to develop the museum.

What is interesting is that, this committee comprises of well-known businessmen.

  • President intervenes to protect the museum.
  • Former Governor of the Central Bank accused of being linked to the bond scam, attempts to retain him as the Governor foiled through the intervention of the President.
  • President instructs Muhunthan Canagey be appointed as Director of ICTA and not as CEO.
  • Attempts to move FCID documents to other institutions foiled.

What other matters will the President have to put a stop to in the future?

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