Inter-University Bhikkhu Federation protest that “violated court order”

Inter-University Bhikkhu Federation protest that “violated court order”

Written by Staff Writer

04 Apr, 2017 | 9:41 pm

The Inter University Bhikkhu Federation held a protest today demanding the shut down of SAITM – the private medical college. And just like every other time, it was the public who had to bear the brunt of it, being inconvenienced by the ongoing activities

However, the protest was met with tear gas and water cannons, courtesy of Police. Why? because the protesters were in violation of a court order by entering Lotus Road.

The crowd then continued their protest at the Ceramic junction – and yet again, they were greeted with tear gas and dispersed. Those who assembled opposite the Fort Railway Station shared the same fate.

The protesters also charged of a slash in the intake of student bhikkhus to state universities.

Venerable clergy or not?

These events provoke the question – Are all these individuals clad in robes ‘members of the venerable clergy’ or mere pretenders?

If these individuals are pretenders – shouldn’t steps be taken to root them out for the benefit of the Buddha Sasana?

Even if those who are clad in robes are real members of the clergy, doesn’t their behaviour tarnish the sanctity of the robe?


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