Footballer accidentally thanks his wife and girlfriend during interview (VIDEO)

Footballer accidentally thanks his wife and girlfriend during interview (VIDEO)

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22 Mar, 2017 | 12:42 pm

Receiving an award for something you worked hard for is a special thing. It’s a special feeling.

When the time comes for you to take the spotlight, get your hands on that award and speak a few words -it’s by nature that you begin to thank all the special people in your life for being there, supporting you and cheering you on.

And every-time that happens, it’s a sweet thing for those watching. For those loved ones who are being thanked, it’s a surge of emotion -happiness, pride and love. Well, almost every time.

How to get it wrong – this guy found out the hard way

Footballer Mohammed AnasMohammed Anas – a football player for ‘Free State Stars FC’ in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League. On Saturday (March 18) Anas scored two goals against AJAX Cape Town and was named “Man of the Match” for his heroics.

As in every occasion such an award is presented, Anas was given the opportunity to share a few words. And that’s where everything started to go south for the footballer.

This is how his thanking speech crash landed into reality; “And I appreciate my fans, also, My wife and my girlfriend… yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, my wife…”

Unfortunately the awkward backtracking did not help his case either. Especially that being on live TV.

The clip has since gone viral and amassed millions of views.

Anas has spoke out afterwards, saying he has not been unfaithful and that he has nothing to worry about from his wife of seven years. He said “My family knows that I call my daughter my girlfriend. That’s what I was talking about. I don’t have a girlfriend,”

Speaking of his wife, “I love her so much. She’s given me two beautiful children. She is fine. She knows what kind of man I am so I am not worried,” the Ghanaian striker told the BBC.

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