MP Gunawardena reveals “decision taken in secrecy to transform public service institutions”

MP Gunawardena reveals “decision taken in secrecy to transform public service institutions”

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16 Mar, 2017 | 10:46 pm

The Opposition has cast its suspicion on the government’s move to sign a Statement of Corporate Intent with several state-owned business enterprises.

UPFA Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena speaking on the matter said

[quote]“A decision has been taken by the Cabinet in secrecy to transform public service institutions such as the Ceylon Electricity Board, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, National Water Supply and Drainage Board and Ports Authority into enterprises. Parliament has not been informed of such a decision. This Statement of Corporate Intent will be just the first step. Eventually, these institutions will be given to private companies. For example, talks are being held to remove most of the activities of employees at the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and hand them over to companies. There will be institutions called the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and Ceylon Electricity Board to be seen, but services like installing meter readers and disrupting the supply of power and many more will be removed from their grasp and be handed over to private companies. Then they will begin to charge a fee for this. This is the first step. Talks are ongoing to convert these institutions into companies and bring them under the Companies Act. So who are they trying to teach? To the very Director Boards which they themselves appointed. Such is the joke. The Finance Minister is a joke and even the Prime Minister is talking nonsense”.[/quote]

Meanwhile, activities taking place at certain ministries were discussed during the half an hour Satana political programme last night.

The conversation:

Journalist, Suranga Senanayake: “You might remember, that the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa also toppled because of a Super Minister, so to speak. There is something that we understand. There was a situation where Minister Basil Rajapaksa had all the powers. I know that even you were personally frustrated. That government was toppled. But now again, they are trying to design another Super Minister through various agreements aren’t they?”

MP Mahinda Amaraweera: “Our country and all of its politicians have experienced the unpleasant experience of a Super Minister. So, it is with responsibility that I say that we will not leave any room for the creation of a Super Minister. You might have various opinions bottled up inside and various interests, but I say with responsibility that we will defeat all of these plans”.

Journalist, Suranga Senanayake: “They may try to even do it in secrecy?”

MP Mahinda Amaraweera: “We will not allow that either”.

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