More military personnel to be arrested over Keith Noyahr assault: CID informs court

More military personnel to be arrested over Keith Noyahr assault: CID informs court

More military personnel to be arrested over Keith Noyahr assault: CID informs court

Written by Tharushan Fernando

23 Feb, 2017 | 8:46 pm

The Criminal Investigations Department informed court today that several more military personnel are to be arrested over the assault on journalist Keith Noyahr.

When the case was taken up for consideration today, the CID informed the Chief Magistrate of Mount Lavania regarding the progress of the investigations.

The military personnel, including the army major, who were arrested over the assault on journalist Keith Noyahr were initially produced before the Additional Magistrate of Mount Lavinia by prison officials.

The suspects were produced in court without their faces being covered. The Additional Magistrate questioned prison officials as to why the suspects that are to be subject to an identification parade were escorted into court in such a manner.

Prison officials informed court that they were not aware of an order issued by the Acting Magistrate for the suspects to be brought before court with their faces covered.

Attorneys appearing on behalf of the suspects requested court to question the detectives as to whether journalist Keith Noyahr would arrive in court in order to identify the suspects who were arrested over his abduction and assault.

The CID informed court that Keith Noyahr has already been informed about the identification parade. Thereby, the Additional Magistrate ordered to return the suspects to remand custody until March 3.

keith1The Left Front alleged that the Gotabaya Rajapaksa was behind the incident and called for the judicial process an opportunity to move forward independently

“.. We have received information that the terrifying Gotabaya of the Rajapaksa administration was behind this incident. We reiterate that this judicial process should be given the opportunity to move forward independently. We have seen previously on a number of occasions incidents where such process have been set back because they dont want to punish war heroes. There is no need for an operation to free Gotabaya Rajapaksa ..” said Convener for the Left Front, Chameera Perera.

keith2Minister of Social Empowerment and Welfare,S.B. Dissanayake charged that in order for incidents such as this not to transpire in the future, action must be taken against those who are responsible. He stated that this is not a hunt for war-heroes but merely providing justice with regard to the incident

“.. Everyone knows what happened to this journalist, I don’t see anything wrong in taking action against those who are responsible for such actions. Then such incidents will not occur once again. This is not a hunt against war heroes, it is merely providing justice to the incidents that happened against this journalist. If the law cannot be maintained then how can we keep control of a country ..” said Minister of Social Empowerment and Welfare, S.B. Dissanayake.


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