Project Loon and the ICTA connection – deception in disguise?

Project Loon and the ICTA connection – deception in disguise?

Project Loon and the ICTA connection – deception in disguise?

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15 Feb, 2017 | 6:26 am

The Information and Communication Technology Agency has been under the spotlight lately. But for the wrong reasons.

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The agency is under fire with allegations of mismanagement. ICTA had reportedly obtained approval for 53 projects in 2016, with none of it being completed successfully.

Wasantha Samarasinghe of the Voice Against Corruption movement has put the responsibility on the government to conduct inquires. He has also said the officials and activities must be probed into by the  president, prime minister and subject minister.

Furthermore,Samarasinghe has labelled Google’s ‘Project Loon’ “a complete failure”. According to him, there is an attempt to hive off invaluable broadband spectrum to a single company in the guise of project Loon.

Anti-Corruption Front – “serious doubts” over CEO of ICTA Muhunthan Canagey

* Who is protecting these persons by brushing aside the instructions given by President himself?
* Who has given them the power to go beyond the law?
*Whose powers are they using to operate in this manner?

News 1st contacted the TRC Director General and questioned a spectrum allocation for the project. And the answer was”no.”

What happens if ‘the spectrum’ is taken over?

Azad Sally says the broadband spectrum will be vulnerable to being blocked off. He added that any station, TV or otherwise which runs on frequency “will have to go behind them requesting for the spectrum”.

“The RAMA Corporation is now dealing with the ICTA. They launched a Google Balloon citing that it was test flight. But that crashed.”

According to Sally, what’s happening is “a big business” – of which the government does not even hold a %25 share.

“we cannot allow anyone to loot the resources of this country under the guise of technological advances”, he added.

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