Chocolate makes Valentine’s day sweeter in Brussels

Chocolate makes Valentine’s day sweeter in Brussels

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14 Feb, 2017 | 12:24 pm

Belgian chocolate shops on Monday (February 13) prepared for Valentine’s Day with special offers for shoppers and their loved ones.

Heart-shaped red and pink boxes and various kinds of chocolates filled window displays in Brussels.

Mary Chocolatier, a supplier to Belgian royalty, sold three types of chocolate roses – milk, dark and white chocolate – to satisfy its customers’ tastes.

Couples were made sweet last-minute purchases before the holiday’s start on Tuesday.

Shoppers picked from smaller chocolate hearts costing about four euros to larger boxes of chocolates priced between 20 and 40 euros.

According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, over 2.5 billion tons of chocolate were eaten in the EU, Norway and Switzerland in 2014.

Italian couple Sabrina Maglao and Paolo Maltilani said Valentine’s Day was a good occasion to show their love, and eat chocolate.

With an annual production of 650,000 tons and a turnover of four billion euros in 2014, chocolate and praline production is a significant part of Belgium’s economy.

According to Belgian chocolate industry body Choprabisco, the country’s 256 chocolate makers provided jobs to 7619 people in 2014, representing 10.9 % of jobs in the Belgian food production sector.

Source : Reuters 

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