5.7 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Northeast India

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Northeast India

By Staff Writer

03 Jan, 2017 | 4:41 pm

Tremors were felt across Assam and Northeast India as an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 jolted Tripura, near the India-Bangladesh border.  The earthquake, which was felt for about five to six seconds, was the first earthquake of over 5.0 magnitude that originated from Tripura.

Many panic-stricken people ran out of their homes and shops, as the tremor ran through the region. “It was the strongest earthquake that I have felt till date. It felt as if the whole building would collapse,” Pradip Mallik, an Agartala resident, said.

There has been no report of damages and the state government is still reviewing the situation since the area is remote.