National Dental Hospital declared open under auspices of President

National Dental Hospital declared open under auspices of President

National Dental Hospital declared open under auspices of President

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31 Jan, 2017 | 9:33 pm

President Maithripala Sirisena expressing his concerns over dengue in the country,  said he would introduce a new programme for the eradication of dengue next week.

The President made these observations during an event held at the National Dental Hospital on January 31.

The new nine-storey building of the National Dental Hospital was declared open on January 31, under the auspices of the President.The building was constructed at a cost of Rs.1.2 billion.

The president registered the first patient through the new computer system installed at the centre.

The foundation stone for another building was laid.

Speaking at the event, the president called on everyone to work more efficiently , with more commitment,  in order to eradicate dengue.

He further noted that rumours have been spread, alleging that he has influenced doctors’ appointments to hospitals.

“After I was elected as President, I have not influenced the minister, secretary to the ministry, or anyone else with regard to the appointment or transfer of any individual. I have not even made a single phone call regarding such matters, he said.  “I have never spoken to anyone regarding the transfer of doctors when I was serving as the Minister of Health, instead I told that those matters must be solved by the heads of those institutions as it is not a matter that concerns me”.

He went on to note that when he was serving as the Minister of Health, he could not work in his capacity. However currently, not only Minister Rajitha Senaratne but all ministers in the Cabinet will not undergo any similar issue.

“The ministers have a President above them who will not make any influence – so that they can provide a better service”, he said.

The minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said, when the President was made the Minister of Health in 2010, he had made allocations for the construction of the National Dental Hospital.

“It is in fact, fate that the president is declaring open this building at a time when I am serving as the Minister of Health”, he said. “The dental institution is a creation that came about after the government was established following the 8th of January”.

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