Joint Opposition raises allegations against PM while Nugegoda rally draws criticism

Joint Opposition raises allegations against PM while Nugegoda rally draws criticism

Joint Opposition raises allegations against PM while Nugegoda rally draws criticism

Written by Tharushan Fernando

27 Jan, 2017 | 8:43 pm

Joint opposition alleges that Prime Minister and Former CBSL Governor stole ‘billions of rupees’

JPSpeaking at a public rally Organised by the Joint Opposition, held in Nugegoda on Friday UPFA Parliamentarian Johnston Fernando said that Arjuna Mahendran is the son of the former Ambassador to the United States Charley Mahendran

“Arjuna Mahendran is Ranil’s right hand. That is why Ranil Wickremesinghe got hold of the Central Bank at the earliest possible time and appointed Arjuna Mahendran and robbed billions of rupees”charged Mr.Fernando

UPFA Parliamentarian, Bandula Gunawardena said that before the bond issue, Bank of Ceylon would give loans at an interest rate of 9% to 9.5% but at present the Bank of Ceylon is asking loans from the people by issuing Debentures at an interest rate 13.25%

Joint Opp rally came across heavy fire through the political arena

UNP MP, Hirunika Premachandra charged that the politically destitute are trying to use the former president and build up there own political surrounding. She also stated that it is disappointing that the former president is dancing to the tunes of a few people.

Minister of Rural Economic Affairs, P. Harrison challenged the Joint Opposition to showcase their strength in numbers.

“Choose the Galle Face Ground. Come there and show us the number of people. If you can fill that, then we will accept that they are capable. We are having a meeting at the Cambell park. Then we will show ten times more people.” he said

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development,Chandima Weerakkody said that even though the Joint Opposition said that there will be SLFP members at the rally there were only a few and people accepted by the nation and who love the SLFP will not attend the rally

“We do not agree to the attempt to split the SLFP and weaken in” he said

trafficMinister of Regional Development,Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that there will be around fifty thousand people gathering at the Nugegoda Junction because of the traffic.

“When I was travelling i also saw three buses – they were half filled. The people in the buses had consumed alcohol.”he charged

Former Mayor of Moratuwa Municiple Council ,Sujith Pushpakumara said that government cannot be toppled after just having meeting

“There was a rally from Kandy to Colombo. We saw Namala Rajapaksa dancing during that rally. All the Bars that were along the way were emptied. There was no other result. “he said

Former Chairman of Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha said that the Joint Opposition is bringing people with no purpose and collecting people to to such a small place like Nugegoda is an attempt to hold onto their group.

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