Sri Lanka’s Auditor General under pressure?

Sri Lanka’s Auditor General under pressure?

Sri Lanka’s Auditor General under pressure?

Written by Staff Writer

16 Jan, 2017 | 10:22 pm

Today, January 16 – the Auditor General’s Department procured twenty five vehicles on an operating lease.

As many Sri Lankans can recall, there was a strong opposition recently against government purchasing vehicles for MPs. 

Same situation, different institution.

Vehicle purchase for the AG’s Dept. is no different either. Same as the MP situation, the 25 vehicles are procured on a five year lease off a private company.

At the end of 5 years, will the ownership revert to the company?

The ownership will revert. And the government will have to re-sign a fresh leasing agreement for another five years.

Is this system the most beneficial? – The AG’s response to the question was -‘confusing’, to say the least.

Considering the cost-benefit analysis, the benefits will “depend on the mileage used”, said the Auditor General. State institutions tend to use ‘brand new’ vehicles for 10-15 years.

AG Gamini Wijeyesinghe says there “may be” some benefits through obtaining brand new vehicles for five years. He explained these benefits to be “running it (the vehicles) without any problem for the government”.

A journalist questioned – “is there pressure against the AG on making a direct statement?”

“The cost benefit analysis will have to be conducted in order to answer that question”, responded the AG.

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