Gammadda Door to Door: Second phase commences amid continuous request

Gammadda Door to Door: Second phase commences amid continuous request

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12 Jan, 2017 | 8:40 pm

The second phase of the Gammadda Movement was launched along with the development programme to provide solutions to the issues faced by the villages in the country.

Religious leaders and the public made continuous request to go door to door in search of many other unresolved issues. And today January  12, we re-commenced the Door to Door Campaign.

The campaign commenced from three locations and will cover all 25 districts in the country.

Gammadda in Kurunagala

Well in KurunagalaThe first group of people we met under the door to door campaign were in Meetenna in Mawathagama, Kurunegala.

Locals in the aforementioned area have been inconvenienced due to the absence of a proper drinking water system.

“… These two wells were constructed after collecting 3500 rupees per person. It was closed and there is no water for anyone …” – said a villager.

Gammadda in Ratnapura

The villagers from Meehitiya and Ellegewatte in Ratnapura also face numerous issues.

Raft - Gammadda door to doorThese two villages are separated from the Kalu River and the only method of transport is this small raft.

“… My children need a bridge. We cast our vote. We don’t want anything else. No one is given a cent to obtain medicine. I get yelled at on a daily basis …”, said a villager.


Gammadda in Vavuniya

News 1st also visited the areas of Shanmugapuran, Kandasamy-Nagar and Thattankulam in Vavuniya in search of issues faced by the public.

Residents of Thattankulam suffer from chronic kidney disease, the the only aspiration of the locals is clean drinking water.

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