China school allows students to ‘borrow’ marks

China school allows students to ‘borrow’ marks

China school allows students to ‘borrow’ marks

Written by Staff Writer

12 Jan, 2017 | 5:14 pm

A high school in China has come up with an innovative way to help struggling students – the ”Marks Bank”. The scheme which is introduced by the Nanjing Number One Secondary School helps students borrow marks to top up the low scores so it will ease them pass their tests.

The aforementioned move was aimed at reducing stress and the fear students undergo in run up-to the exams.The scheme was introduced in November 2016 for 49 students who are in an advanced programme.

The scheme has become a talking point in China which has seen rising concern over an education system still reliant on high-pressure examinations.According to BBC this scheme is an elite programme aimed at grooming students to enter colleges and universities in the United States.

Thirteen students have taken part in the scheme thus far. And its notable that the scheme helps students loan marks for the subjects they find hard to pass such as language, biology, chemistry and physics.

They incur a debt when they “borrow” marks, and are expected to repay it with marks scored in subsequent tests.

Students will be blacklisted from borrowing if they do not re-pay the marks and just like the real banks the students will be given “credit scores”, based on their behaviour records, school attendance and fulfilment of classroom cleaning duties.

A 2014 study by a Beijing-based non-profit education group found that most cases of student suicides could be attributed to pressure from school tests.


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