A journey in search of the famed blue whales

A journey in search of the famed blue whales

A journey in search of the famed blue whales

Written by Staff Writer

02 Jan, 2017 | 3:21 pm

A journey in search of the famed blue whales of Sri Lanka – the blue whale is believed to be the largest animal on earth.

Sri Lanka has been gaining popularity as a whale-watching hotspot in recent years, with the chief attraction being the giant blue whale.

On our journey, we travelled seven nautical miles from Mirissa, part of the coast of giants. A friendly pod of dolphins guided us on the journey.

Sri Lanka’s blue whales are unique in that they are a residential pod which remains in the bountiful waters surrounding the country, all year round.

” This is a valuable resource for Sri Lanka. We must have a proper process for this…”  said a tourist.

Our correspondent who was reporting at the location said that one of the biggest problems that was encountered during the tour was the competition between the boats when the whales emerge from the depths. This prevents tourists from having a truly enjoyable experience, he said.

” We have been given a report by the marine engineer on the number of passengers and we do not exceed that. When someone manufactures a boat, in line with that, they get a report where they can carry 120 passengers. Our problem is that there are two reports for the boats manufactured in the same shipyard”, noted a boat owner.

The competition between the boat operators has a harmful impact on  marine life including the whales and the dolphins.

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