Two flee after firing at Katana police officers

Two flee after firing at Katana police officers

Two flee after firing at Katana police officers

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26 Dec, 2016 | 10:13 pm

Two suspects who were stopped and searched by two police officers on patrol in Katana, Negombo, had fled after disarming the two officers and opening fire on them.

This incident was reported when two Police Officers’ who were on patrol duty in the Katiyala area in the Katana Police Division, had searched two suspicious passers by at around 10.30 on the night of December  25.

Police say, the two suspects had attempted to flee while they were being searched.

The suspects have fled the scene, after forcefully taking the firearm which was in the possession of the police, and firing shots at the officers.

An eye witness said…

“Suddenly, a noise came from nowhere. You could say it was gun fire, it sounded more like fire crackers. And then we heard people yelling “catch them, catch them, rogues, rogues” and that they were bleeding…

..When we stepped outside, to see what was going on, we saw two police officers chasing them; saying the rogues fled…

..That is when we knew that the two had fled the scene after snatching the pistol from the police officer. The two suspects fled through the forest…

..We searched for them throughout the night to no avail. It was discovered later that a bicycle was missing. We suspect they may have stolen the bicycle too…”.

The police officers were admitted to the District General Hospital in Negombo last night.

A news 1st correspondent added that one of the officers had sustained gunshot injuries on his foot while the other officer sustained minor injuries.

One of the police officers was scheduled to undergo surgery on the evening of December 26.

Police say the suspects have been identified.

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