BASL convenes public forum

BASL convenes public forum

BASL convenes public forum

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16 Dec, 2016 | 9:32 pm

A public forum was convened by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka to discuss the appointment of sub committees in parliament to form a new Constitution.

BASL Vice President Saliya Pieris said, another proposal of the sub-committee is the establishment of a constitutional court and that the constitutional court to be outside the hierarchy of the proposed Court structure.

He said, the constitutional court will exercise power in relation to :
– The interpretation of the constitution
– Review of bills laws and statutes
– The centre provincial relationships
– Breach of parliamentary privilege

He went on to note that the composition of the constitutional court, which has been proposed by the sub-committee, should consist of either of distinguished judges, legal practitioners or legal academics with special knowledge on constitutional law, and that they should hold office for a five year term which would not be renewed. And the appointments to the constitutional court would be by the president on the recommendation of the constitutional council.

“..there should not be a separate court exercising the powers of a constitutional court”, he added.

Furthermore, he noted that there should be a Supreme Court consisting of fifteen judges and a Court of Appeal which would consist of 40 judges.

“The Court of Appeal will effectively replace the present High Courts, the Civil Appeals High Court and the Provincial High Courts. You will have the Court of Appeal sitting in Colombo as well as the provinces”, he said.

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