Collapsing Administration: Chapter 3 – Corruption still at large

Collapsing Administration: Chapter 3 – Corruption still at large

Collapsing Administration: Chapter 3 – Corruption still at large

Written by Tharushan Fernando

14 Dec, 2016 | 9:40 pm

Good Governance promised the people that those who engaged in unlawful practices for political or financial gain would be brought to justice. However, the question still remains as to whether this promise has been fulfilled.

rajitha“We are constantly questioned on whether the rogues and murderers have been arrested. These matters come under the purview of the Attorney General’s Department and the Inspector General of Police. ….We may have changed the Government , but our state remains the same”

January 2, 2016: Minister of Health, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne



On January 4, 2016 JVP Propaganda Secretary, Vijitha Herath charged that allegations were made against the head of the previous government as well ministers and it was said that investigations will be called for. But it has been over a year, and there has been failure in enforcing the law against the corrupt.



 Has the current government lived up to its promise to arrest the corrupt?




gomin“Well ‘no’  is the definite answer because thieves and corruption has got enlarged”, said Attorney-At-Law Gomin Dayasiri.

He elaborated that there was hope that this government, elected on the basis of good governance, that there is some degree of elimination of the thieves, but what has happened is the same old ones are back at the game.

“What has happened is that they have changed the shirt from blue to green but they are operating in the same way.”



pppHowever Minister of Public Administration and Management, Ranjith Madduma Bandara said that the necessary steps have been taken within two to three weeks.

When questioned about Basil Rajapaksa being jailed and released again, he said that there is judicial process for that and called for the appointment of a special court to look in to these matters and take action.



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