#Gammadda Phase 2: A Bridge for Watamada – Water for Balapitiya

#Gammadda Phase 2: A Bridge for Watamada – Water for Balapitiya

#Gammadda Phase 2: A Bridge for Watamada – Water for Balapitiya

Written by Lahiru Fernando

13 Dec, 2016 | 10:23 pm


The people of Watamada have not had a bridge to cross over to Rathabalagamwa or Kukulkatuwa for a prolonged period. Though it was the village of Watamada that was missing a bridge, people of Degallara, Hambegamuwa, Senuggala, Wathabalagama, and Kukulkatuwa have also endured numerous hardships as a result.

Hope for a better future….

Putting an end to the days where people suffered to cross over, the phase two of Gammadda 100 days movement initiated the project to construct a bridge. Financial assistance for the project is provided by the National Lotteries Board.

The opening ceremony saw the participation of Rinaz Mohamad (News 1st – News Director), M.K.A.I Kamansiri (General Manager – NLB) and Lieutenant Commander of Sri Lanka Navy Thusitha Chanaka Munasinghe.

The People’s Voice

“We don’t fall for the lies the politicians, because of Sirasa. Political parties come in so many different colors, and the people of the village have even forgotten the colors these parties represent. Only Sirasa is continuing the good work”

“We are grateful for the service that is rendered. There are no lies like what is said by politicians. Sirasa keeps its word.”


The people of the Arora village, Balapitiya -for years on end have been facing many challenges with no proper access to water after the Tsunami.

The request which was presented through a letter two months ago bore fruit today, with 300 families benefiting through the water project.

Financial assistance was provided by Brandix Lanka while Sri Lanka Navy took up the task of constructing the water project.

Suranga Senanayake (News 1st – Channel head) and Sirisena Cooray ( UNP – former General Secretary) were in attendance at the event.

Sirisena Cooray: “Remember, that the Entire village has come united, without any difference or division. devoid of the division of caste or creed.Therefore, I would like to sincerely request you’ll to appreciate the service that is rendered by Sirasa.”

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