MP Hirunika Premachandra says imprisoned politicians get a “comfortable stay”

MP Hirunika Premachandra says imprisoned politicians get a “comfortable stay”

MP Hirunika Premachandra says imprisoned politicians get a “comfortable stay”

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07 Dec, 2016 | 8:27 am

Joining the debate on the expenditure head of the Minister of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, MP Hirunika Premachandra made some startling revelations on issues surrounding prison hospitals.

She noted that all prisoners are “prisoners” and pointed out that there should not be special treatment for imprisoned politicians. She said that they are comfortably resting on hospital beds with unlimited food and unlimited guests, which is happening with the knowledge of the Prisons Commissioner.

“I met with the Prisons Commissioner recently and asked him whether he knew that people like Dematagoda Chaminda and STF Sarath are using mobile phones in the prison and logging on to Facebook as well”, she added.

She said that he started to cry when that was asked, and in that case she said she had nothing to do when a man in uniform begins to cry in front of her.

She went on to state that there is a cell in the new magazine prison which consists a bed, attached bathroom, mosquito nets, chairs, a TV and a fan. This is where politicians are sent to when they are imprisoned.

“If you can go today and check this because it might not be there tomorrow”, she stated.

She also said that a parliamentarian who was recently imprisoned, had requested for a mattress, a pillow and a mosquito net. This particular parliamentarian’s friend who was imprisoned had also requested for a mattress. However, she noted that the friend’s request was reasonable as he has an issue in his neck.

Furthermore, she said that there is another MP who was recently imprisoned who says he has a heart ailment but is now having a tough time proving it as the ECG machines does not show his ailment. She also said that Aman Sheik who is a leading smuggler and a Pakistani national is in the prison hospital as his weight does not match his height. The MP pointed out that this  is not a valid reason to be in the prison hospital as there are plenty of other prisoners who don’t have a perfect BMI. Aman Sheik has also brought down medical records from India.

“There are individuals with high blood pressure who need to be on a mattress and some others who are bleeding from his anus, such people are treated at the prison hospital for a day and sent back to their cells”, she said.

She spoke on Duminda Silva, who’s prisoner number is 419189 and is lying about his diagnosis. The symptoms he is suffering from are chronic headaches, giddiness, loss of consciousness and loss of memory.

She added that everyone from his family visited him and had fun with him on December 3 as it was his birthday.

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