Hambantota Port employees commence protest

Hambantota Port employees commence protest

Hambantota Port employees commence protest

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07 Dec, 2016 | 8:28 pm

The demonstration launched by the employees of the Magam Ruhunupura Port in, Hambantota has been extended till 12 noon, Thursday, December 8.

The protesters claim that there is a possibility of the Magam  Ruhunupura Port in Hambantota being handed over to a Chinese Company.

More than 400 employees are employed at the Magam  Ruhunupura port since 2013.

The written request was made to the Presidential Secretariat, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Subject Ministry anticipating a response by 3 p.m.

They recommenced the protest blocking all roadways and entrances to the Port as they did not receive the anticipated response.

General Manager of the Port, Sarath Perera said that the protesters who commenced their trade union action during their lunch hour, did not report for work afterwards.

He said that operations at the port have been hampered as a result of the protest.

Latest developments…

According to sources the board of directors have convened an emergency meeting to discuss the problem surrounding the employees of the Magampura port in Hambanthota.

The Board of Directors have decided to follow the procedure that was adhered to, by the cabinet in 2006 when handing over land that belongs to the port to a project that is owned by a foreign company or is funded by foreign aid.

According to the 13th amendment to the Constitution the Sri Lanka Port and the maritime services are ranked second when it comes to the wealth of the country.

The provisions state that only the president can make a decision with regard to transferring of land that belongs to the port.

A deal can only be carried out in this regard if the president as per the provisions of the constitution transfers the matter to receive the advice of the cabinet of ministers.

The board of Directors of the Sri Lanka Port Authority unanimously decided that the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Port Authority has no right to sign a memorandum of understanding with the China Merchant Port Holdings Company Limited.

According to sources the Board of Directors request the subject minister and the secretary of the ministry to look in to this matter as an urgent national requirement.

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