Trump slams China in Twitter rant

Trump slams China in Twitter rant

Trump slams China in Twitter rant

Written by Tharushan Fernando

05 Dec, 2016 | 12:08 pm

President-elect, Donald Trump has made another unnerving move on Twitter, fresh from his controversial call to Taiwan President that cast aside decades of diplomatic protocol

Trump in tweets accused China of keeping it’s currency artficially low and the military of positioning themselves in the South China sea amidst a tense territorial dispute


china-taiwan-conflict-1Beijing regards Taiwan — officially the Republic of China — as a breakaway province and has said it will use military force against the island if necessary. The two sides split in 1949 after Communist victory in the civil war.

bn-rb234_1203ta_gr_20161203011309The Taiwan President and Trump’s 10 Minute phone conversation (which Trump described as a congratulatory call) was the first time a US President has spoken to Taiwan’s leader since Washington established diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1979.

The White House has said that the phone call did not signal a shift in its decades-long “One China” policy stance, which considers Taiwan to be part of China.



Taiwan sees itself as an independent state however Beijing considers it as a breakaway province and has hundreds of missiles pointing towards Taiwan, and has threatened to use force if Taiwan formally declares independence.

“We hope President-elect Donald Trump, who will very soon go into (the) White House, will handle himself with respect, accountability and responsibility and become a force of peace and stability rather than making whimsical and capricious remarks aimed at surprising the world,” said Victor Giao,a Chinese international relations expert


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