Bandarawela at risk of losing paddy lands

Bandarawela at risk of losing paddy lands

Bandarawela at risk of losing paddy lands

Written by Staff Writer

14 Nov, 2016 | 9:41 pm

Issues surrounding Uma oya came to the fore during the Gammadda programme on March 6 2015.

The Chief Minister, Harin Fernando who attended the programme is a minister today.

Yet the problems that have cropped up due to the Uma Oya project seem never-ending, with no solution in sight.

The latest issue concerns the farmlands of the villagers in these areas whose livelihoods are intertwined with the land they cultivate.

”Dont fall into a hole”, is a common phrase of warning.

However, for 1500 people of the villages of Palleperuwa, Bandarwela and Udaperuwela, falling into a hole is unavoidable.The cracks that run deep into paddy fields have left not only the people’s livelihood but their lives in ruins too.

”We started cultivating vegetables recently. But we cannot continue to cultivate the vegetables. Who should we inform regarding this? We will not be compensated for this loss. Although they state repeatedly that compensation will be provided, nothing has been given to us so far” said a villager.

“We urge you to visit the area and take a look at the destruction. Although it may seem minute at the moment, the problem deepens each day” , said another villager.

The people who grapple with a daily struggle for water, as their wells dry up due to the Uma Oya project, may soon feel the pangs of hunger as their fields too are at risk.

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