Beware: iPhone 7 has two versions

Beware: iPhone 7 has two versions

Beware: iPhone 7 has two versions

Written by Staff Writer

22 Oct, 2016 | 9:22 am

The American tech giant Apple inc.’s latest edition ‘iPhone 7’ is said to have two versions. Some iPhone 7’s use a Qualcomm modem, while others have an Intel modem.

This distinction could make a difference in how fast the phone can send messages and load apps. A new report from Cellular Insights indicates that the Qualcomm modem performed 30% better than Intel’s.

Initially only the iPhone 7 Plus was tested. However the two types of modems are also used in the iPhone 7.

It is said that the speedy Qualcomm version is sold in China, Japan and the U.S. However, not all the shops in the U.S sell the faster version. T-Mobile, AT&T and Telstra include the Intel modem.

How do you make sure the right purchase of the phone? If you have a Verizon (VZ, Tech30), Sprint (S) or SIM-free model, you’re in good hands, according to the Cellular Insights report.

In order to determine if your iPhone has the Intel modem, check the model number, found in small print on the back of your smartphone. The Intel modem is in ‘Model A1778’ and ‘Model A1784’.

When the issue reached the Apple Company, they did not reason out as to why they offer two different modems.

However, Some reports have suggested that by shifting some of its modem business to a Qualcomm (QCOM, Tech30) competitor, Apple gains leverage to extract better prices from Qualcomm.

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