Women’s Agrarian Conference held under auspices of President Sirisena

Women’s Agrarian Conference held under auspices of President Sirisena

Women’s Agrarian Conference held under auspices of President Sirisena

Written by Keshala Dias

13 Oct, 2016 | 8:32 pm

The Women’s Agrarian Conference, organised parallel to National Farmers’ Week, was held at the Mahaweli Grounds in Galnawa on Thursday, October 13, under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena.

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The conference was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture which is being observed from October 8 -16.

The theme of the conference was Think, Let’s build the nation together.

The constitution of the  Women’s Agrarian Organisation, was presented to the President by Agriculture Minister Duminda Dissanayake.

Minister of Agriculture Duminda Dissanayake speaking at the event said at the event that twenty-five thousand Think Agrarian Women’s Committees will be registered covering every village.

“Your Excellency, 17,000 committees have already been registered. Although they have been registered, they are prohibited from carrying out contracts”, he said.

He went on to note that a woman cannot gain membership in the organisation unless they are cultivating a home-garden. And if they have a child of the school attending age, they cannot become a member unless the child is sent to school.

He asked all the women who have been given equal status to now take their due position.

Minister Dissanayake also said, nowhere in the world do people speak of equal status for women any more as women have already surpassed men.

“In the world today, there are 18 women heads of state. It is possible that the results in America will also point this way very soon”, he added.

He stated that Angela Merkel who leads Europe is an excellent leader. And when comparing the talents of men and women in this sphere we often see that when women are in leadership there is far less fraud and corruption.

The President also spoke on the development process at the event.

President Sirisena said, while many people have high praise for development in our country today, we are still aware of the development which existed in the past.

“Close to 20 percent of the people in the country are malnourished”, the president said.

He went on to note, when considering malnourishment parallel to development in a country, if 20 percent of the population is suffering from malnourished, it is a serious development issue.

He also said, in many developed countries today, obesity is a problem. Considering all these factors, we have named 2017 as the year for the “eradication of poverty”, he added.

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