Prevailing drought, forest fires and impact on lives

Prevailing drought, forest fires and impact on lives

Prevailing drought, forest fires and impact on lives

Written by Staff Writer

12 Oct, 2016 | 9:32 pm

Prevailing drought conditions…..

News 1st came across a village in Dehiattakandiya which suffices its water requirements from one water hole. The persisting drought which has now affected over 600,000 people in the country has forced many to walk for miles in search of water.

Around 2000 families in Dehiattakandiya are left destitute as they have no means of searching for water. Around 600 families in Hewaheta, Kandy usually obtain their water from a tube well located in Anuragama.

However, due to the drought, this water source has completely dried up. Cultivations in the Pahala Thalawa area in Kalawewa have been destroyed by the arid conditions.

Prevailing drought and forest fires

The worsening drought has also contributed to several forest fires in the country.

The Sorowwa Mountain in Moneragala is the latest area to be affected by forest fires. Even though the fire was doused, it left a trail of destruction.

The fire which erupted in the reserve close to the D.S. Senanayake College in Kandy on Wednesday morning was doused through the efforts of the Kandy Fire Extinguishing Unit and  residents.

Meanwhile, a 75 year old male who is suspected to have set fire to the Demodara Reserve in Empitigoda, Ella recently has been arrested.

The suspect was later released on bail today, Wednesday, October 12, after being produced before the Bandarawela Magistrate’s Court.

Impact on wild animals…..

The prevalent drought has also made it common for wild animals to stray into human settlements in search of water.

A herd of wild elephants which had strayed into the Pothiyagama area in Thambuththegama, Anuradhapura on Tuesday night , destroyed the harvested paddy in homes as well as their crops.

Meanwhile, sixteen wild elephants have been trapped in the Medinnoruwa Tank in Meegalewa, Galgamuwa since Wednesday morning. The animals were later driven away through the intervention of wildlife officials of Meegalewa.

Meanwhile, two wild elephants and two elephant calves that had been drowning in the Kudawewa in Kekirawa were rescued through the efforts wildlife officials and civil security officers.

Several deer which had arrived to the Kadawara Wewa reserve in the Lunugamwehera area in Hambantota in search of water were found dead.

Area residents suspect that a group of poachers had mixed poison into the water streams.

In the face of the drought, will the country experience a disruption of power and water?

  • Chairman of the CEB Anura Wijayapala says that the situation is not threatening because they stored water sparingly and requests the general public to render the assistance to limit the usage of power to a certain extent.
  • Chairman of the NWSDB K.A. Ansar also added that the consumption of consumers has risen from 10 percent to 15 percent and stressed on the need to use water sparingly.

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