Grade Five Scholarship Examination – a closer study of the top rankers

Grade Five Scholarship Examination – a closer study of the top rankers

Grade Five Scholarship Examination – a closer study of the top rankers

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05 Oct, 2016 | 11:03 pm

The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination results were released today, October 5.


Among the 350,740 students who faced this examination, Niran Samarawickreme from the Methodist Primary School in Urugamuwa, Radampala topped the rankings with 196 marks.

Koguladasan Abhishigan from the Rambekulama Tamil Vidyalaya, Vavuniya topped the rankings in the Tamil Medium with 195 marks.

Just a village school in Matara, Not a ‘popular school’ in a big city

The Radampala village in the Matara District is home to the Radampala Methodist Primary School with just 416 children coming there to learn their A’s and B’s amidst one-too many hardships.

The 400+ students are from surrounding rural villages such as Radampala, Galagama, Ihalamulla, Dandeniya and Galagama.

Depite sports being categorized as an important aspect for early education, this school does not have a sports grounds for extra curricular activities. In addition, an auditorium is also something new for these children.

Located in a premises of just over three acres, this school functions with only three buildings and the highest expectation of the students in the school is none-other than passing the grade 05 scholarship examination.

The secret? nothing, really. They do not go for extra classes. But, unlike in the schools considered as ‘popular schools’, the teachers at Radampala Methodist Primary School do not stick to their duty of 08 hours.

Just a point’s difference

Two students have claimed bragging rights for the 2nd place all island rank with 195 marks.

Ruvanya Methmini Gunasekera

Ruvanya Methmini Gunasekera

Ruvanya Methmini Gunasekera – Assedduma Subharatha Central College, Kuliyapitiya

Koguladasan Abhishigan

Koguladasan Abhishigan

Koguladasan Abhishigan – Rambekulama Tamil Vidyalaya, Vavuniya

In addition, 09 other students from Kegalle, Kuliyapitiya, Ibbagamuwa, Trincomalee and Giriulla have come in third with 194 marks.

Notably, the students who came in second and third from the country are both from Assedduma Subharatha Central College, Kuliyapitiya.


In present day society, the Grade Five Scholarship Examination is a test for parents who want to enroll their students to better schools.

Therefore, the children who need to be given time to play and enjoy are most often deprived of that beautiful childhood, and instead are pressured to go for extra classes and focus more on their studies.

Experts call for parents to look at the bigger picture when it comes to examinations.

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