#Gammadda100: Day 73 – Finding water in places where officials deemed otherwise

#Gammadda100: Day 73 – Finding water in places where officials deemed otherwise

#Gammadda100: Day 73 – Finding water in places where officials deemed otherwise

Written by Lahiru Fernando

30 Sep, 2016 | 9:34 pm

This is another story of a village, to which the Gammadda 100 Day Initiative became a pillar of strength.

A death-trap transformed into a bridge…

“Everyday, we attended school in fear, wondering what would happen after the next rain. As soon as the rains fall, we struggle to take the children across.”, said a village.

A few months ago...

A few months ago…

Over the past 40 years, every flood that has swept over the Ussana bridge in Galewala and Palagala, claimed the life of at least one person. The people of Bulnewa and Kalugala had to suffer every time the Haven-Ella oya overflowed during the monsoon season…

The construction of the Ussana Bridge in Kalugala, Galewala, which was vested with the public on Friday September 30,  was another project under the Gammadda 100 Day Initiative, and allowed the thousands of villagers living in the area to breathe a sigh of relief.

Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, Chevaan Daniel, together with the News 1st team and local government officials attended the opening ceremony that was held on Friday.

Today... 30th of September 2016

30th of September 2016

Speaking at the opening, a Thero said this…

“I can state undisputed that the Sirasa Media Network is the smallest government in this country. Within one hundred days, they were able to commence more than 100 projects on behalf of the innocent people of this nation.”

A villager recollected how villagers, including school children helped in the construction process…

“School children donning their uniforms arrived here and carried concrete worth 50 bags of cement in order to help construct this bridge. This is indeed an emotional moment. They have now been empowered to create hospitals, reservoirs as well as schools…”, he said.

The village of Sikura-Landa – Doing the impossible…

gammadda-water-2The Gammadda 100 Day Initiative also saw the plight of the people of Sikura-Landa, who suffer on a daily basis due to the lack of proper drinking water facilities.

Two days ago, on September 28, we laid the foundation stone for a water project in the area.

*NOTE: Even at that time, area officials had declared to the villagers that there was no underground water available in Sikura-Landa to be provided to its people.*

However, on Friday, September 30), water miraculously appeared in the village of Sikura-Landa, fulfilling a life-long dream of its villagers.


This is our evidence to prove, that nothing is impossible….

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