Gammadda100 : Day 72 – Bringing joy to sorrowful hearts….

Gammadda100 : Day 72 – Bringing joy to sorrowful hearts….

Gammadda100 : Day 72 – Bringing joy to sorrowful hearts….

Written by Lahiru Fernando

29 Sep, 2016 | 10:22 pm

It is easy to advice, criticise and make suggestions – But it takes a Herculean effort to recognise the people’s issues and provide practical solutions to those issues.

Despite numerous obstacles, we at News 1st were able to provide solutions to numerous issues faced by the public, through the Gammadda 100 Days initiative.

Projects given priority over the past 71 days under the Gammadda 100 Days initiative were vested with the public through the assistance of fellow Sri Lankans with big hearts.

Pathalayagama – Human-Elephant conflict

Pathalayagama - Elephant Fence

Pathalayagama – Elephant Fence

Pathalayagama was constantly battered by encroaching wild elephants – However, now, the villagers can spend their nights without any fear – all thanks to an electric fence set up under the Gammadda Initiative.

“… Words fails us when it comes to thank you for carrying our such a great task …”  said a villager.

Hambegamuwa – Secondary School

Hambegamuwa -Secondary School

Hambegamuwa -Secondary School

The Gammadda 100 Days also managed to bring smiles to the faces of the children at the Hambegamuwa Secondary School who suffered due to issues surrounding drinking water.

Several projects that would save hundreds of thousands of lives from chronic kidney disease were also vested with the people of Hambegamuwa.

“… We walk 05 to 06 kilometres to carry water. If not, we will have walk another 20 kilometers …”  said a villager

We did not stop from there, renovation of rural roads commenced with the renovation of the Keenaketiya access road in Galle.

Keenaketiya – Access Road

Keenaketiya - Access Road

Keenaketiya – Access Road

The access road to Keenaketiya which could not be used for many reasons, has now been transformed to a main road that is being used for major initiatives.

Our work is not yet done, the Gammadda 100 days initiative will continue its service of bringing joy to the sorrowful hearts.

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