Dry weather and man-made mistakes: will we ever learn?

Dry weather and man-made mistakes: will we ever learn?

Dry weather and man-made mistakes: will we ever learn?

Written by Staff Writer

21 Sep, 2016 | 6:40 am

Over the past few days,  we uncovered the plight of those who are suffering due to dry weather conditions.

Today, we uncover the crisis faced by the wild animals…

elephant-2The bank of the Handapanagala Tank is an area which is constantly roamed by wild elephants. When night falls, wild elephants embark upon this tank in search of food and water. The tank is the only location where there is an abundant amount of water in Wellawaya, which is known for its dry arid conditions.

However, the tank has now been drained empty.

Why? for “development activities”. It should be pointed out that the tank is a part of the Uma Oya Multipurpose Project.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s Third Law

Losing their only source of water amidst the crisis of a drought has led the wild elephants to stray into villages in search for food and water.

elephant-5 elephant-6

This picture portrays the violent behaviour seen among the wild elephant population prevalent in the area.



Cultivation and property of neaelephant3rly 10 villages situated close to the Handapanagala Tank have been destroyed by wild elephants.


The partially constructed electric fence which has been set up around the Thabbowa Reserve has caused severe discomfort among the locals in the vicinity. According to locals in the area, the electric fence has been set up bordering several villages including Karuwalagaswewa while the elephants are within the boundaries of the villages.

elephant-4Even though the plan of the fence shows that elephants cannot stray into the villages from the forest, it appears that the elephants require minimum effort to dismantle the fence.

Therefore,  the wild elephants who constantly break down the electric fences, roam into human habitats with much ease.

“We cannot cultivate as elephants constantly stray at night”, said a villager

Meanwhile, wildlife officers of Giritale are providing treatment to a wild elephant which sustained injuries after knocked down by a train during its search for food in the Jalagelumnina National Park, Manampitiya.

Wild elephants are just one part of the puzzle…

It is not just elephants which have been driven to stray into populated areas due to the drought.

elephant-7Even the crocodiles in the tank close to the Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya which is constantly visited by both local and foreign tourists, are suffering due to the drought. According to the News 1st correspondent in the area, attempts made by certain groups to feed the reptiles have become the root for fatal accidents.

A crocodile which wandered into a house in the Weeriyagama area in Sooriyawewa, Hambantota was captured by the locals. The reptile was handed over to officials of Hambantota Wildlife Office and was later released into the Bundala forest.

Meanwhile, officers of the Hambantota wildlife office and locals have been successful in rescuing a crocodile which had fallen into a well in the Mahaidiwewa area on Tuesday, September 20.

When the hunter becomes the hunted…

Amidst the drought conditions, certain groups are attempting to hunt the animals affected by the dry weather. Two people who hunted a pregnant doe have been arrested by the Mahawa Police.

elephant-8Our cameras captured how the two suspects were blaming each other at the Mahawa Police Station.


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