Criticism and controversy surround development officers exams

Criticism and controversy surround development officers exams

Criticism and controversy surround development officers exams

Written by Tharushan Fernando

17 Sep, 2016 | 9:43 pm

The country’s most controversial exam issue is the problem pertaining to Z-score.

Certain individuals who were responsible for this, made various criticisms, using their parliamentary privileges, on experts who revealed true facts about the issue. These criticisms and accusations created an unpleasant situation which was worse than the issue itself.

Whatever exam that is held to select suitable candidates, should be trustworthy and respectable. While those conducting it, should not be, by any means, arbitrary,

If the Divi Neguma Development Department together with the University of Sri Jayawardenapura is going to conduct the competitive exam for the post of development officers grade-3, disregarding the issues put forward by the thousands of those who arrived at the External Examination Unit of the University of Sri jayawardenapura, then, it is an act arbitration, and a decision of extremism.

When calling for applications for the the above post on January 14 itself, the Divi Naguma Department maintains a hidden agenda, As it does not disclose the number of vacancies available for the for post in question, in the gazette notification.

According to the gazette notification, calling for the applications, the minimum qualification for the applicants are six passes with mathematics and a language and four credit passes at the Ordinary Level Exam and one subject at the Advanced Level Examination.

The age limit, with the later amendment was increased to 35.

It is indeed surprising that the Department of Divi Naguma did not have any predictions of the the number of those who would apply for the post, when considering the unemployment rate in the country, and the minimum qualifications set for the post. It is due to this ignorance of the Department that the External Examination Unit of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura was selected to conduct the exam.

From the closing date for applications to the date of the examination, The External Exam Unit of the University had over seven months to prepare for the exam.

Due to over 210,000 individuals applying for the exam, the External Examination Unit informed the Department of Divi Naguma, two weeks ago, that they are unable to conduct the exam on the set date, which is tomorrow, while proposing to hold the exam on the 29th of this month. However, due to an arbitrary decision, the exam will be held tomorrow, while depriving 25,000 applicants the opportunity to sit for the exam.

At the same time, a considerable number of those who are supposed to be eligible to sit for the exam too have several confusions, that they must clear once they go to the examination centre.

The solutions that the administrators have put forward for these issue are sure to create more problems.

The consolation that the 25,000 candidates who will not be able to sit for the exam tomorrow is a promise that another exam will be held for them in another three months.

Isn’t postponing the exam, without stripping good governance before the public, a better solution than conducting two different exams for a group of people with similar qualifications, who applied at the same time for the same post?

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