Gammadda 100: Day 55 – Thirst in Hambegamuwa quenched

Gammadda 100: Day 55 – Thirst in Hambegamuwa quenched

Gammadda 100: Day 55 – Thirst in Hambegamuwa quenched

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13 Sep, 2016 | 10:29 pm

On Monday, September 12,  we brought to you the story of Hambegamuwa, a rural village located close to Thanamalwila.

Day – 55/100

Thirst in Hambegamuwa quenched

#Gammadda100 : Day 55 – Thirst in Hambegamuwa; QuenchedFor the people of Hambegamuwa, the search for a drop of water to drink is a daily challenge. Under the Gammadda 100-days initiative, we have been able to bring some measure of happiness to this community.

For the most part of the year, the people of Hambegamuwa live under the merciless rays of the sun in one of the most arid zones in the country. Streams, waterways and even large reservoirs dry up, making it almost impossible to find a drop of water to drink.

Even when the villagers are able to collect some water after travelling for several miles, they risk kidney disease by consuming the water.

With the people, for the people…

The drinking water project commenced under the Gammadda 100- Days Initiative was declared open on Tuesday September 13, bringing an end to the torment faced by the people of Hambegamuwa.

The children of the Hambegamuwa Secondary School, who sustain their enthusiasm for learning even an environment where life itself is almost unsustainable, beat on their drums for the entire village to hear, to welcome the Gammadda Initiative.

From today, these children will be able to consume clean water, a testament to the strength of our shared humanity.

Maliban Sri Lanka joined hands with the Gammadda initiative to provide a fixed water filtration system for the children.

Furthermore, a water filtration system was presented to the Hambegamuwa Rural Hospital under the Gammadda 100 days initiative, for the benefit of kidney patients receiving in-house treatment.

Join us to make a difference in lives. To make their future bright. To bring hope for their future generations….

Call our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201


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