Six days lapse since disappearance of Ambalantota youth in police custody

Six days lapse since disappearance of Ambalantota youth in police custody

Six days lapse since disappearance of Ambalantota youth in police custody

Written by Tharushan Fernando

11 Sep, 2016 | 10:34 pm

News1st has been closely following the disappearance of a youth during a police investigation into missing sacks of paddy. Six days have now lapsed since the 20-year-old man from Ambalantota disappeared.

The paddy storage facility is about 100 metres from Gayashan’s residence. The theft of 20 sacks of paddy has had a life-altering effect for several people in the village of Bandagiriya.

Gayashan’s father stated that it it is unbelivable what the police have been saying.

“I don’t know whether their hearts and minds are made of stone. What about the innocent young ones. You can understand what has happened to our son when you look at how it has affected our youngest”, he said.

Three young men were arrested in connection with the theft and one of them was later transferred to hospital.He was allegedly beaten while in custody.

The youth released by the police recalled that the police had handcuffed and beaten him and kept asking him to confess to stealing 12 sacks of paddy.

“Officer Premaratne asked me to plead guilty and that the losses would be covered”, said the youth.

He explained that Gayashan had a stomach ache and was seen being taken to the latrine by the police and about half an hour later the officers were searching for him saying that he had escaped. Nothing has been heard since then.

Villagers say that the third suspect arrested with the youth, who went missing from the custody of the Hambantota Police, is the son of a police officer attached to the Ambalantota Police.

Gayashan’s sister pointed out that the other police officer is the father of the person accused of stealing and while he is from the Ambalantota Police he had gone to the Hambantota Police and entered the cell holding Gayashan and had grabbed him by the neck and threatened him.

” If he can do that, then we are suspicious about whether both police stations got together made him disappear”, she said. The young men are accused of stealing sacks of paddy.

The mill owner who reportedly purchased the paddy stated that Gayashan and Premaratna’s son brought some paddy and the police asked whether they brought it recently.He stated however that they did not bring any paddy since August 20.

“I remember that they brought me some paddy at the end of July or at the beginning of August”, said the owner of the rice mill.

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